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MONTREAL — While major North American retailers don’t accept payment in bitcoin yet, a network of mostly independently-owned brick-and-mortar businesses do.

A $5-foot-long Subway sandwich purchased mid-week in Allentown, PA would cost you 0.0051 BTC, while a martini at New York City’s EVR bar would cost 0.0153 BTC. The most expensive pizza available at Folino’s Wood Fired Pizza in Shelburne, VT would set you back 0.0204 BTC.

Bitcoin is big in New Hampshire, where thousands of libertarians have flocked in the past decade under the Free State Project — and George Mandrik of is one of them. Mandrik is also the owner of a baklava business which, of course, accepts bitcoins. “Bitcoin has really caught on with this community, and many in New Hampshire pay for goods and services using bitcoin,” he says.

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